ANR Make A Slasher Film For “Big Problem” (Stereogum Premiere)

ANR is the project formerly known as Awesome New Republic, first celebrated here via an Artist To Watch post on the solo works of the duo’s John Hancock. Before long John had taken back his first name (Michael) and his old Awesome New Republic mate (Brian Robertson) to reunite the band. Later they’d drop a lot of letters from their name in favor of the acronym ANR and be atypically prolific, releasing an album or two a year. And later still, they’d make a 12-minute slasher film with the help of Miami’s Borscht group and director Lucas Leyva. That slasher film is mostly here, soundtracked by their single “Big Problem,” with some small bits of dialogue removed in order to function as a proper music video. video, for their new album Stay Kids’ stand out (and outstanding) “Big Problem.” The track comes from their new album Stay Kids. It’s a proper new wave earworm with a lot of forward thrust, relatively restrained and stylistically focused for the pair of University of Miami music school experimentalists, aside from the eerie b-movie synth intro that ties it to that grand slasher film tradition. The full film hints at ecological issues in their native Florida (“Big Problem”‘s initials are a covert reference to BP and the Gulf oil spill), but this video is mostly about poisoned weed, MJ Hancock foaming at the mouth, Brian Robertson gashing up a copulating couple, and lots of NSFW asides. Enjoy it.

Take it:

ANR – “Big Problem”

Stay Kids is out in the U.S. via 10KIslands and in Europe via Something In Construction. The track’s got lyrics, and the band’s got other stuff, up at