Apostle Of Hustle Cover Huey Lewis

We had a rash of Huey love not too long ago, and today we spread the good News: Apostle Of Hustle taking on “I Want A New Drug,” for the forthcoming cover tribute album Are You Still With Me?!. (No surprises: We like those things.) The comp stacks the likes of My Brightest Diamond, Oh No! Oh My!, and Catfish Haven in Huey homage; today’s track comes from Andrew Whiteman’s BSS-affiliate Apostle Of Hustle, deliving a gritty dose of the News’ “Drug.” As Hustle fans know, Andrew’s an apostle of afro-cuban percussion, having spent time in Castro land, so it makes sense for him to strip the original of its ’80s roots and inject it with shakers, sweet beats, and an off-kilter chord progression.

[Pic of Apostle Of Hustle from SXSW ’07 / Photo of Huey via hln.org]

Apostle Of Hustle – “I Want A New Drug” (MP3)

In case you missed it, the last track we visited from the comp…

Oh No! Oh My! – “Finally Found A Home” (MP3)

Still no release date (still no label!), but you can hear a few (including MBD’s “Naturally”) at MySpace. Artist/song pairings below.

Antenna Shoes – “Stop Trying” — from Huey Lewis And The News (1980)
Apostle Of Hustle – “I Want A New Drug” — from Sports (1983)
Bound Stems – “Doing It All For My Baby” — from Fore! (1986)
Catfish Haven – The Heart Of Rock And Roll — from Sports (1983)
Derby – Jacob’s ladder — from Fore! (1986)
Erie Choir – “Some Of My Lies Are True” — from Huey Lewis And The News (1980)
The Long Winters: “Do You Believe In Love” — from Picture This (1982)
My Brightest Diamond – “Naturally” — from Fore! (1986)
Oh No! Oh My! – “Finally Found A Home” — from Sports (1983)
Panda & Angel – “Hip To Be Square” — from Fore! (1986)
Tim Seely – “Stuck With You” — from Fore! (1986)
Travels – “I Never Think About You — from Plan B (2001)
Will Johnson (Centro-matic) – “Hearts” — from Huey Lewis And The News (1980)
Windsor For The Derby – “Bad Is Bad” — from Sports (1983)
Winnebago Deal – “Working For A Living” – from Picture This (1982)
The World Provider (feat. Dustin Hinterland) – “Walking On A Thin Line” — from Sports (1983)