The First Video For Spank Rock’s Italo Disco Project Mobroder Is Here

As of some time last year Spank Rock has a new Italo disco project called Mobroder. (More specifically the Naeem Juwon half of Spank Rock; producer XXXChange is off and running in many different directions.) The outfit, which also features producers DJ Hoff and Blue Jemz, released its first single “Rush” back then; its remix gets video treatment here by directors Francisco Soriano and Antoine Wagner. True to the coke-disco pulse coursing through the track’s production, and the conceptual bio on Spank Rock’s site, the clip sends up Scarface-era Miami Beach blow-stylings in its faded print, its hot rods, and Naeem’s big-mustached acting. The video has its own dialogue running with the song underneath, making it some sort of a hybrid video/film, a form that seems to be taking on some popularity its own this week (see also: ANR’s slasher film for “Big Problem”). Check it:

There’s an MP3 available for an email at

Here’s an EP of “Rush” remixes and one of “Love Duet,” which features Philadelphia rapper and frequent Naeem collaborator (including on Twitter), Amanda Blank.

Scion A/V Presents: Mobroder – Rush (The Remixes) by ScionAV

Mobroder is on Twitter, too. So here is at least some answer as to what Spank Rock’s been up to since YoYoYoYoYoYo.