Let The In Rainbows Mash-Ups Begin: Mojib Reworks “Videotape”

That didn’t take long, did it. Just over a day-and-a-half after the big release, In Rainbows has its first reworking, by Sweden’s Mojib. He picked a good track to tweak, too, given the number of folks that took issue with Radiohead’s studio treatment of “Videotape.” Mojib takes the In Rainbows closer and splices it with DJ Shadow’s “Fixed Income,” killing Phil’s closing drum hits for an entirely more ethereal outro. Good call on Mojib’s part; Endtroducing’s been bandied about as an influence on Radiohead, and others have already discovered how well Shadow and Radio mesh .

Have a listen at Mojib’s “Videotape” at iGIF. More on the way? Obviously. Post ‘em as you find ‘em.