New R.E.M. – “Until The Day Is Done”

So who took the bait and watched Anderson Cooper 360º last night to check the debut of R.E.M.’s new tune? Funny, we were busy too. And we also knew the internets would have it for us at some point today. “Until The Day Is Done” is the soundtrack for the trailer for CNN’s forthcoming special Planet In Peril, AC’s look at how the world’s going to shit — from the Amazon to the Arctic to “endangered turtles being sold in a Chinese marketplace.” Man do humans suck. As the theme music for a plea for us to change in the face of ever-decreasing biodiversity, Stipe’s grave ballad works perfectly. Tough to strip it of context (those animals are so cute! let’s save them). And you gotta love the glory shot of AC on that boat.

Also, cool interview between Anderson and Michael on the environmental crisis here.