New Cut Copy – “So Haunted”

Fans of the synthtastic dance, rejoice, Cut Copy are very nearly back with a new album. Only it’s less synthastic dance, and more hard guitar/four-to-the-floor rock. What’s Tim Goldsworthy done to ‘em? The DFA man’s helmed the forthcoming record In Ghost Colours here in NYC, and the first 0:40 would make ya think he was taking ‘em out to Mercury more than he was [insert your favorite NY dance club here]. But there are shifts abound, like a lush pop hook, and then finally, some some dance action in the bridge/breakdown/ride-out. Need some new Copy sounds? There’s three of ‘em in here, one for each member…

Cut Copy – “So Haunted” (MP3)

“Lights And Music” will be the big, official first single from the record. Expect it (with a full platter of remixes) sometime next year. In Ghost Colours is out early ’08 on Modular.

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