New Killers (Feat. Lou Reed) – “Tranquilize”

Big thanks to reader Michelle LaCosse for knowing we were dying of curiosity about this one. She wrote:

As earlier reported by you guys the Killers have teamed up with Lou Reed to record the song “Tranquilize”. It was premiered on Radio One today … Each to its own…

To each his own indeed. This comes from the same Killers b-sides collection that brought you “Shadowplay” and the sylvian alarm clock font. Know how you thought the cover of Joy Division was a tough one to swallow? Try and make it through these verses without gagging. The track’s bookended by lead vocals from Brandon and Lou respectively, though it’s mostly the bombastic B. Flow show up in here. But kudos to the Killers for letting Lou carry the last run; there’s effortless authenticity, there, and it shows.

Click here to stream.

Do Okkervil River next, Lou.

Sawdust is out 11/13 on Island.