Matters – “Wild Steps” (Stereogum Premiere)

With all the attention that Diamond Rings, aka John O’Regan, is receiving (partially because of stunning videos like his recent “It’s Not My Party” clip), it’s easy to think that Matters is his new side project. But Matters is actually a re-named version of his pre-Diamond Rings band, The D’Urbervilles. The re-invigorated Toronto four piece released their 7-inch single “Get In or Get Out” today, and you can preview the b-side, “Wild Steps,” below. If you think of Diamond Rings as darkly romantic, consider “Wild Steps” the next phase of O’Regan’s seduction: it’s a little more upfront and overt, and quicker with its intentions. Listen:

Matters – “Wild Steps”

Here’s a video for the a-side, “Get In Or Get Out”:

The “Get In or Get Out” / “Wild Steps” 7-inch is out now via Hype Lighter.