New New Pornographers Video – “Challengers”

The New Pornogaphers recently had their induction into the Patsavas playlist when “Challengers” played during a romantic, show-closing scene on the show soundtracked by your iTunes most-played list. Now it’s time for more official video treatment. The Darren Pasemko-directed clip runs through black and white scenes of a couple sinking into each other on a couch, while Neko’s joined by Carl and Kathryn Calder in harmony and reverie. The first thing to catch color is Neko’s mane (as it should be), and “before long” the entire video’s oozing with the stuff. Literally.

As for the Pornos’ Michael MacDonald contest … consider the bar “raised”:

“Jackie’s Dressed In Cobras

“Letter From An Occupant”