No Really, It’s Up To You

Thanks, Radiohead, for making this a memorable week: our earbuds were treated, our thoughts provoked, and we collectively had the biggest group premature evaluation known to man. As expected, and apparently as intended, Radiohead’s grand tip jar experiment has been a conversation starter these past few days. Jonny Greenwood told Gothamist:

It was kind of an experiment as well … It?s just interesting to make people pause for even a few seconds and think about what music is worth now. I thought it was an interesting thing to ask people to do and compare it to whatever else in their lives they value or don?t value.

Agreed, the “it’s up to you” fun has initiated a compelling dialogue. But we’d be remiss not to remind ourselves that Radiohead isn’t exactly the first band to do this. Remember Jane Siberry? Okay, then what about Juliana Hatfield?

OK, so a band with Radiohead’s popularity is a whole other level. But before we leave this week, let’s take a moment for posterity to remember the bygone pioneers in this experiment in pay-what-you-feel album sales. Add ‘em if you got ‘em — and we’ll give ‘em tag.

You’re it.