Foo Fighters, Jon Bon Jovi Get Punched Just Before Eating (And Björk & Charles Barkley Do Iconoclasts)

This week’s SNL got off to a rocky start when a cross-eyed and painful-to-watch Ritchie Sambora lost his next-to-only line during host Jon Bon Jovi’s monologue (Sambora smiling blankly, mouthing “Oh shit, I lost it.” To his credit, intended or not, his bumbling facial expression was sorta funny.) Didn’t look like JBJ was pleased, mouthing something like “You fucked up!” and scowling during the quick walk to the music stage for that new Bon Jovi tune. (Afterwards, Richie tried to look at Jon with a smile, BJ just flicked his pick in his general direction and ran off. That’s not a happy Jovi.) Been lots of rehab for Richie lately…

But there were fun times too! Like Fred Armisen as the political comic who never quite got around to saying anything. And Andy Samberg pwning old people, women, Taylor, and Dave. Believe in your dreams.

After the jump, Kristen Wiig shows off what we can only hope is a recurring Björk impression (“In my dreams my fingers are made of butter…”), and Foo Fighters (with Pat Smear in tow) perform “The Pretender.”

Björk And Charles Barkley Finally Meet

Foo Fighters – “The Pretender”