New Oh Astro – “Hello Fuji Boy”

The sample happy Illegal Art roster recently made a four-song sampler available for the price of free online, featuring the likes of patron saint Girl Talk, Realistic, and Steinski. Good stuff and worth your bandwith all around, but it’s Oh Astro that’s taking top honors in the Stereogum office this AM. Track’s called “Hello Fuji Boy,” and it’s a sweet mash of Lionel Richie’s “Hello,” Hot Chip’s “Boy From School,” and we’ll leave you in suspense on the third (hint: “Fuji”).

Oh Astro – “Hello Fuji Boy” (MP3)

Download the Illegal Art ’07 sampler here, and another Oh Astro MP3 at MySpace. Speaking of Lionel, check his cameo in The Simpsons season premiere. “Hey you, beer me…”

Consider it the official song of CMJ.