Britney Spears’s Blackout Preview (And Album Art)

For those whose eyes simply cannot avert themselves from the car crash that is the life of Britney Spears (guilty), we offer a chance at the prematurest of evaluations. Jive’s been dealing with all sorts of leak issues and rumors regarding every aspect of Blackout’s pending release, and they’ve handled it by bumping up the LP release date and announcing a tracklist. The first nine of Blackout’s twelve songs have been cut into twenty-second segments and strung together for a two-and-a-half minute sonic snapshot; it’s not always a pretty picture, but she may have another iTunes #1 in “Radar”…

You can hear a full-length of “Radar” here. A little “Sweet Escape”-ish, no? As of now, Blackout’s due 10/30 on Jive. Here’s the tracklist as of today:
01 “Gimme More”
02 “Piece Of Me”
03 “Radar”
04 “Break The Ice”
05 “Heaven On Earth”
06 “Get Naked (I Got A Plan)”
07 “Freakshow”
08 “Toy Soldier”
09 “Hot As Ice”
10″Ooh Ooh Baby”
11 “Perfect Lover”
12 “Why Should I Be Sad”