New Crescent – “Cup”

Gotta love the candor shown in Bristol-based outfit Crescent’s bio:

Far from prolific, Crescent?s few releases have appeared sporadically and with very little fanfare.

But you can’t fault the honesty. It’s true, Crescent doesn’t make big splashes with their efforts (latest LP Little Waves has been out for a month now), and maybe the stuff’s just too understated to cut through the filtered noise out there. But after listening to the mope folk masterpiece “Cup,” we’re thinking a couple few of you would wanna know: Crescent’s back, and they’re worth cheering (and maybe even cheering up). Matt Jones sounds sorta Drake-y on this Little standout, and the gentle, tinny strums take on the feel of an acoustically-inclined space oddity around the two-minute marker, a stellar bridge of tiny aural orbits. Applause:

Crescent – “Cup” (MP3)

Little Waves is out now on FatCat.

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