David Byrne Rides A Bike, Releases New Music

Right, David Byrne on a bike is something we see every once in a while. But never in Times Square! And never with commentary.

This big was filmed for David’s “How New Yorkers Ride Bikes” event at Town Hall on 10/6, as part of the 2007 New Yorker Festival. Find out more about it here, or of course get schooled by the two-wheeled master at the ByrneBlog.

RELATED: We’ve got an extra special ‘Gum Drop tomorrow, featuring new music from David! The track’s called “For You,” Mr. Byrne’s contribution to David Shrigley’s very promising Worried Noodles project. And it’s fantastic (shades of Rufus Wainwright?!). Subscribe to the Drop and get a download link sent to your inbox tomorrow AM.

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