David Byrne – “For You”

Scottish artist David Shrigley has turned his 2005 book Worried Noodles (The Empty Sleeve) into a 39-track music compilation, featuring Franz Ferdinand, Grizzly Bear, Liars, Deerhoof, and other Stereogum faves. Only David Byrne, however, added to the author’s witty, weird words (view the verses here). The Worried Noodles 2xCD/book combo comes out 10/23 on Tomlab, with a limited-edition triple vinyl box slated for March. We’re thrilled to premiere Mr. Byrne’s inventive percussive take on “For You,” but first some Q&A with the author:

What’s it like having these bands put your words to music?
I didn’t really have any input into how how the lyrics were interpreted. I made the original lyrics for publication in 2005 and that was the sum of my creative involvement. The artists received the lyrics and did whatever they wanted.

What are your thoughts on “For You” and working with David Byrne?
I knew that David Byrne liked my work so I figured he might say yes if we asked him and fortunately he did. He added a few lines in order to make them rhyme. I heard a few drafts of the song, but it was only the production that changed, the song remained the same.

The Worried Noodles lineup is really impressive, but is there anyone else you’d hope to collaborate with someday?
I heard that Courtney Love was asking for people to write lyrics for her via her MySpace page. I think I might try and give that a shot. I think we could work well together…