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The Best 10 Videos Of The Week

These week we’ve got new videos from TV On The Radio, Cool Kids, Manchester Orchestra, Parts & Labor, and the New York Dolls, among many others. I put the Def Sound and Parts & Labor videos together because they use the same editing technique (doing full takes and stitching them together) to create a sort of stop motion animation. Also note that director Jeremy Johnstone is here twice this week, directing very different clips for New York Dolls and Young Widows.

Manchester Orchestra – “Simple Math” (Dir. DANIELS)

Okay, I’ve said this many times before, but I’ll say it again: DANIELS are the best young video directors around. Here Manchester Orchestra frontman Andy Hull gets into a car accident. As his car is spinning he relives childhood memories that also creep and blur into the present day. The clip starts slow then explodes (literally, figuratively) into a rush of familial pain, young love, death, etc. I think this Manchester Orchestra video is good step for them — all their impressive effects and post-production work is here, but it’s all in service of a beautiful narrative.

WhoMadeWho – “Every Minute Alone” (Dir. Goodboy! Creative)

“Man has had long experience in surviving adversity, but little experience in surviving prosperity,” begins this video from WhoMadeWho. What follows are a series of funny scenes — well-dressed white men crying over Ikea furniture they can’t assemble, parking tickets, ruined dress shirts, and then, crying over spilled milk in some sort of coping group for whiny white men. As the video points out, Denmark (WhoMadeWho’s homeland) is the “happiest” country in the world, and it’s one one of the most prosperous as well.

TV On The Radio – “Nine Types Of Light” (Dir. Various)

Tunde Adebimpe is the executive director behind this ambitious set of videos for every track on Nine Types Of Light. The band gathered director friends (like Tim Nackashi) to handle most of the clips.

Cool Kids – “Bundle Up” (Dir. BB Gun)

In a way, “Bundle Up,” kinda makes fun of videos like the TV On The Radio one above — it’s a music video about music videos, filled with jokes about budget, pretentious directors, weirdo cinematographers, and bands that think they’re making art when they are clearly not.

Honorable Mention:

Gentlemen Drivers – “Valdor” (Dir. Allen Cordell)

Def Sound – “(A)Gain” (Dir. Adam Tillman-Young)

(via Video Static)

Parts & Labor – “Echo Chamber” (Dir. Nicholas Chatfield-Taylor)

Telekinesis – “Please Ask For Help” (Dir. Spencer Gentz)

New York Dolls – “Fool For You Baby” (Dir. Jeremy Johnstone)

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NSFW Video Of The Week:

Young Widows – “Future Heart” (Dir. Jeremy Johnstone)