Coldplay Fans Don’t Put Out

According to a poll taken by the dating website — a site that matches people based on the music they like — Coldplay tops the list for those unlikely to “go all the way” on a first date. Tastebuds offered users three options for how far they’d take things on that initial encounter: “I’d only meet up for a chat,” “Perhaps a kiss,” or “I’d go all the way if the mood was right.” (I’m not sure how you get the mood right with some of the music these people are listening to…) Then they grouped the answers with the users’ tastes in music and came up with the following results (via NME):

Least Likely to “go all the way”

01 Coldplay
02 Adele
03 Lady Gaga
04 Katy Perry
05 Kings Of Leon

Most Likely

01 Nirvana
02 Metallica
03 Linkin Park
04 Kanye West
05 Gorillaz

Does “Sex On Fire” mean nothing to you people? The “Most Likely” list was clearly compiled by Beavis & Butt-Head.