Stream The New Underworld

Longstanding English techno duo Underworld haven’t released a proper full-length in five years — right, right, way more than A Hundred Days Off. Note: we’re not counting the Breaking And Entering soundtrack, despite the loverly “Counterpoint Hang Pulse,” because the film starred Jude Law, who we’re currently pissed at after being forced to watch Cold Mountain.

Anyhow, told you about the icy hot “Crocodile” a couple months ago. Now the Underworld boys are offering a stream of Oblivion With Bells in its gorgeous entirety at their Myspace. It’s a great listen … especially if you like Underworld. A lot of people probably still think of them in that puke-yellow Trainspotting light, but they’ve created some of the most beautiful armchair electronica over their tenure. No drugs required. If you’re a neophyte start with “Best Mamgu Ever” and “Good Morning Cockerel.” So scary with a piano, those fellas.

Oblivion With Bells is out now on ATO.

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