The Week In Politics

Some strange and funny confluences of music and politics over the last couple weeks. First, Republican and former Governor of Florida had to apologize on camera after he lost a suit filed by David Byrne. Byrne sued Crist after he used the Talking Heads song “Road To Nowhere” in a campaign video. Were it not for this lawsuit, the two could have bonded over their striking white hair (maybe discussing the pros and cons of the blue rinse, etc). Here’s the apology video:

Last week Rep. Donna Edwards from Maryland quoted the White Stripes track “Effect And Cause” to describe what would happen if there was a partial government shutdown. She said, “This one goes out to our young people…” before reading the lyrics. She also wore a stylish white striped sweater set for the occasion:

Finally, it took freshman state senator Jefferson Smith a year and two months to create and edit this video of his fellow Oregon state senators rickrolling the chamber. Why did it take so long? According to Yahoo News’ The Ticket, “… the lines had to be delivered on the House floor during a lawmaker’s regular floor speech–which is, under Oregon law, videotaped for public records purposes. And the lines of the lyrics had to be spread out, so as not to tip off the state House clerk or other observers to what lawmakers were up to.” If you couldn’t guess, Smith represents a district in East Portland. Watch: