Stereogum Does CMJ: Billy Bragg @ Arlene’s Grocery, NYC 10/17/07

While we were downing bloody marys with Sparrow House, Abbey was just a few blocks away at Arlene’s Grocery, taking in a sweet set from, yes, Billy f’in Bragg. The man ripped through an eight-song set of classics and new cuts. Abbey adds:

This was most definitely ‘Freedom Fighter Billy’ and the crowd was floored … The terms “fascists” and “radical right” were tossed around, and he let us in on the extensive backstory of his alter ego ‘Johnny Clash’ (It’s exactly what it sounds like). At one point someone wandered in and placed an intricately carved guitar onstage, to which Billy glanced at and deadpanned, “Thanks mate. But I don’t play guitar. I just beat the shit out of this percussion instrument strung around my neck.”

Yes he does.

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