Courtney Love Does Not Approve Of Ryan Adams/Mandy Moore Union

As far as Courtney’s Internet rants go, this latest one is fairly straightforward. It’s even got punctuation. Anyway, she’s still pissed at Ryan Adams, who she claims stole Frances Bean’s trust fund. With MySpace at Courtney’s disposal, not even Ryan’s wife Mandy Moore is safe. Nor is … Kathleen Hanna?

Christ ugh igh ugh Mandy Moore ick the thoufghg of her sticking her toungue downthat filthy hatch…i might as well go watch “Hostelle” ill feel better), ick, dirty sheets, ick no toothbrush, smelly ass, ick i LOATHE that guy, ivehad my fair share of fights with artists, i mean Kathleen :Black Card” Horowitz OOPS did i tell a big secret? you mean ypou didmnt KNPW she had a HUGE bunch of property? a Centurion card and summers in the Hamptons? oops…well lets just pretend shes Julie ruin, listen man if you just khanded 90,000 people thier asses and were good anough to respecdt your elders and letthem have ab opening slot on an old alt tour, and they were so rude they put that witch on mystage THERE IS NO STRONGER DRUG THAN ADRENILINE and fucking a i know that, ive been like the mother who can lift up three cars to get my child from out undert for years , ussuaully around this time at night ,morning too. and your all sweaty and adrenilised, and smarky snarky says the nastiest thing to you and throws CANDY in yoruface youd giveher one in theface.

Hostelle is the superior French version, Netflix it. She fell off the rails toward the end there, but if you’re still interested there’s more (so much more) at MySpace. And elsewhere.