New Two Gallants Video – “Despite What You?ve Been Told”

Clowns. No matter the context they sorta freak us out. In the video for Two Gallants’ dusty, scuzzy, free-flowing “Despite What You’ve Been Told,” a fairly friendly, albeit down-and-out looking clown, applies make up, pulls on a checkered jacket and goes out on the town with far less than 99 red balloons … all beside some footage of the Gallants Two rollicking out (which they do quite well).

Ronald McDonald Jr. seemed nice enough, but when he breaks that wishbone and stares longingly at the kid, can’t say we didn’t get shivers of the uneasy sort. What’s in the box? Is it his soul? Or — more likely — some photos of him and that kid chilling in Southeast Asia?

If you don’t wanna deal with the John Wayne Gacy vibe, feel free to revisit the tune sans imagery.

Two Gallants is out now on Saddle Creek.

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