Stereogum Does CMJ: Vampire Weekend @ Other Music, NYC 10/18/07

“We’re really happy to be playing Other Music, especially since this is the first store in the world to sell our music,” Ezra said a song into Vampire Weekend’s 11AM set at Other Music yesterday. “Online,” he added with a quick grin. It’s true and it’s a sign of the times: Even the most vaunted and legendary record stores now have their inventory available via internet — but browsing the aisles and being educated by indie clerk assholes is an irreplaceable experience, as are these OM instore performances. Where else could you grab a free bagel, have a complimentary morning energy drink, and take in a set from the most buzzed about new act this side of Black Kids while stocking up on your obscure Krautrock LPs?

The fresh-faced quartet were on point and inspired lots of hyperbolic post-show chatter in the Other Music aisles, offering spunkier, tighter takes on the Blue CD-R’s “Bryn,” “Mansard Roof,” “A-Punk,” “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa,” “The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance,” “Campus,” and of course “Oxford Comma” (which, by a read of Stereogum, you know full well we give a fuck about). Walked out even bigger fans than before — which is saying something since we’ve celebrated ‘em both as a Band To Watch and as standout contributors to our tribute to OK Computer. Seems they’ve made other notable fans along the way since, like every music mag in print, David Byrne, and Peter of PB&J fame. Looks like Pete liked the set. Don’t care about the young folks? All lies.

Vampire Weekend – “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” (MP3)
Vampire Weekend – “Oxford Comma” (MP3)

Just a few hours after the set, VMPRWKND were on a plan to Europe, opening shows for the Shins and others. That was fast. More pics after the jump, but none of other Other Music attendee Demetri Martin, beause he’s really awesome and we’re really shy.