A Lesson In CMJ Notetaking

Ever see those people scribbling into notebooks or onto napkins at shows? That’s us. Indeed, we’ve been busy covering sundry scraps with mostly illegible chicken scratch at CMJ this past few days, which got us wondering: How other folks go about making sure they have a finger on a show’s details (and intangibles) after they return to their apartment and start tapping things out on a keyboard? Imagine we have some budding (and budded) journalist readers: Do you take notes? How?

The most impressive technique we’ve seen so far belongs to New York Times scribe Jon Pareles, who makes real-time scores of the tunes being played. A couple days ago, Wired’s blog caught him at Union Pool notating a Dragons Of Zynth bass line to assure a proper song identification. We’re impressed (even if he didn’t use ‘em exactly) and admit ‘Gum notes are way different (half a set list on a handheld device, the description of a beard written on a hand or, uh, see below), but a question: Why he didn’t just notate some of the lyrics? Guess this method was prettier.

Dare to guess the show attached to our post-jump pic?

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