New Magik Markers – “The Lighter Side Of…Hippies”

I wrote a Magik Markers historical roll out when posting ““Don’t Talk In Your Sleep” from the duo’s third “proper” album Balf Quarry. Now it’s Elisa Ambrogio and Pete Nolan talking history via the collection’s excellently chaotic (and sharp-tongued) “The Lighter Side Of…Hippies.” Over a chaotic bed of drums and guitars, Ambrogio reminds folks of a certain age “your heroes lied” and, yes, “you had a revolution in your head / too bad you couldn’t make it out of bed / cokeheads sang ‘teach your children well’ / and wonder now how it all went to hell.” Never trust a hippie, but as this video for the song suggests, same goes for yoga groups, pumped skinheads, fundamentalists, A1-eating straightedgers, the folks at Burning Man (goes without saying), etc.

Balf Quarry is out via Drag City. See MM live. Your own baptism by immersion.

05/11 – Carborro, NC @ Local 506 #
05/12 – Asheville, NC @ Grey Eagle #
05/13 – Athens, GA @ Tasty World #
05/14 – Birmingham, AL @ Bottletree #
05/28-30 Barcelona, Spain @ Primavera Festival
06/26 – Ithaca, NY @ Lost Dog Lounge
06/27 – Tornoto, Canada @ The Music Gallery Courtyard
06/28 – Montreal, Canada @ Casa Del Popolo

# w/ Ghost