Stereogum Does CMJ: Band Of Horses @ Blender Theatre At Gramercy, NYC 10/20/07

Walked into Irving tired, walked out in desperate need of another party; such is the rejuvenating power of Santo/Rock. We were more thinking “dance” than “soaring reverb rock,” but it didn’t take much prodding to get us to hit Band Of Horses’ late-night set at Blender’s room at Gramercy with the PSNYC fellas. During a premature evaluation we called Ben’s new one, Cease To Begin, “very pretty, but very slight”; after seeing Cease live, we’ll go with “very pretty, but very rocking.” Seriously great set; of course it was a seriously late hour, but any previously perceived disparity between the Everything All The Time tunes and those of the new LP seemed buried by the band’s echo-y, hearty performance. (Also, Ben now has this absurdly awesome double-neck guitar now, which somehow we found instantly endearing.) Snuck backstage past a distracted security dude as the show ended, only to find a small hallway occupied by a few hip folks and Josh Hartnett, busy being handsomer than we are. We’ll spare you the iPhone shot this time; instead, check the high quality shot by Café Eclectica Music.

Eighteen strings of badass, right there.