CMJ Party School! With Stereogum And Andrew W.K. (Part Two: Backstage At Bowery)

With the help of Andrew, we’ve already uncovered what partying at CMJ’s like for the fest folks parading around the Lower East Side; for the second and final installment of the Stereogum + Andrew W.K. Study of Partying at CMJ, we introduced Andrew to the bands on the stacked Windish Agency Showcase lineup at Bowery last Wednesday, having them carry on everywhere from the Ballroom dressing room to the Delancey Street sidewalk to chat pleasure and, of course, excessive pleasure. Throw on some white (or maybe just some holiday clothing to get the spirit), and remember: “Boner Magic Lives.”

Once again, top of the props to our videographer Matt Neatock, to segment producer Jon McMillan. As you can imagine, we had a blast all day hanging with everyone involved, so there’s but one more post on the project to come: a “behind the scenes,” with some interesting asides and a pretty epic photo set. Coming soon.