Andrew Bird Challenges My Heterosexuality … More Indie T-Shirts!

You may remember a few weeks ago when we mentioned’s line of indie-rock t-shirts that would likely never haunt the shelves of Urban Outfitters (well, never know in the age and demographic of irony). Even if you don’t remember, the Bygone Bureau remembers you. Yessir, they’ve issued a new t-shirt line in which they graciously credit ‘Gum readers for a couple titles. Too wit (and your wits): “When we ran out of marginally funny new shirts, we stole them from this excellent comment thread on” Good job, guys and gals. In honor of the honor and in hopes of some new designs, we’re highlighting the Stereo-inspired designs plus the titular tee from above, all after the jump.

“This one was poached from Mrs, whose idea graciously enabled further laziness in the design department. We loved this shirt, as did the geriatric crowd at a Hold Steady show, but when we approached the 22 year-old manager of our t-shirt printer he only said ‘what the fuck is a Hold Steady?'”

“Plagiarized gracelessly from Stereogum user Bort, this design, set in lovely Cooper Black against a popular hue of Indie Brown, has become the uniform for Bureau staffers.”

And a non-Stereo-reader design we dig:

Hmm, any other names they could’ve plugged in there? (Note: There are three alternate versions of the Bird tee because sexuality’s fluid, yo.)

Ideas for line three? Let’s get it started: “Black Kids Are Overrated. The Band, I Mean. Black Kids The Band.”