Bob Dylan Hawks Caddies

What’s that blowin’ in the wind? Why it’s the recently covered and screen-adapted Dylan acting the part of car salesman. Driving across the desert, rolling past cows and birds of prey, the freewheelin’ one riffs wryly over a loop of Smog’s Spoon-covered “Held” in the old-time DJ voice fans of his XM-housed Theme Time Radio Hour will recognize, making sure we go out and pickup the 2008 Cadillac Escalade. After the jump, peep black-clad Bob in a two-minute extended version of the advertisement (thanks Dustin) to get the fullest sense of the ozone-depleted road ahead.

Smooth, eh? (For the attentionally challenged, there’s a 60 and 30-second spot.)

If you haven’t heard Dylan’s aforementioned weekly themed radio show you’re missing out, so follow the plan and sample the episode with the “Cadillac” theme. Yup, XM comes standard with the new Escalade … a Dylan in every car!

From his Victoria’s Secret jingle to these rap-friendly gas guzzlers, Bob’s proven himself a willing and able salesman: Get this Dylan fella some presence in department store boot displays and this guy is gonna be huge. HUGE I tell ya!