A Very American Apparel Halloween

Those Deerhunter-employing garb sellers, American Apparel, inspire fans (sweatshop free!) and critics (misogynist!) in equal parts. But who can be a hater during the holidays? While over at Golden Fiddle, we noticed AA’s suggesting Halloween outfits “inspired by film and television” for the hep kids this year — of course using their threads and, in a few cases (e.g. “Hollywood Blvd. Streetwalker”) very little else.


There’s even a “Costume Builder” over there that tells you what to buy to dress the part … sorta depressing. Some music-related duds include the dorky Warhol (maybe just change the wig/powdered hair and you could be Lou), Thriller-era Michael Jackson and a suitably leg-warmered Flashdance dancer. How about some homemade AA-style costume suggestions? We were thinking of Bodies Of Water’s red leotard, Feist’s white-clad Letterman singers, or maybe Andrew W.K. himself.