Juliana Hatfield – “There’s Always Another Girl (For Lindsay Lohan)”

Almost a year ago, Juliana Hatfield stopped by the ‘Gum Drop with the then unreleased “So Alone.” Currently working on a followup to How To Walk Away, the perennial Stereogum favorite returns with a demo of a new song with an intriguing name. We asked Hatfield about “There’s Always Another Girl (For Lindsay Lohan).”

What inspired a song for Lohan?
I rented I Know Who Killed Me and was impressed at how watchable and interesting Lindsay Lohan was in it, which was a surprise because the film was universally panned. That got me thinking, and Tweeting, about what a sort of bum rap Lindsay has gotten these past few years and how she is actually, if you sit down and watch her with an open mind, a good actor and how all she needs is one great, serious role in a good movie — maybe a small indie movie — to make people take her seriously (like Mickey Rourke and The Wrestler). It’s so gross and nasty for people to be watching and waiting and almost cheerleading for Lindsay to relapse, or get in a car crash or whatever. Horrible.

Men and women in the entertainment business are treated so differently. Women seem to be judged more harshly. I feel it (though I operate in the margins/peripherals). Lindsay must feel it, too. And, so, I feel for her. I say: Give Lindsay Lohan a break and a chance. She could be a great actor if she focuses on getting and doing good work.