Tom Vek – “A Chore” Video

The reason we conceived the Progress Report feature here at Stereogum was to answer questions like where has Tom Vek been the last five years? We Have Sound was one of 2005’s more notable LPs, his musical silence since all the more interesting because of his keeping a no-profile all the while. The UK dance + rock guy’s return is marked with a video for the new single “A Chore,” from his forthcoming album Leisure Seizure (so named because of the three years he took gestating, and the two years he [press-]reportedly spent furiously recording). The video’s got Tom starring as the host of some fictitious show, while the song stars Tom in his best modes: Vek’s voice still charms, projecting a cool indifference even while pitching itself into impressive melodies, and his arrangements still lead with keen rhythm section work and a fat, live kick drum. “A Chore” is a strong lead track and will be comfortable for fans of Tom Vek while still sounding fresh, maybe because things feel fresh if it’s been five years since you’ve had them last.

Leisure Seizure is out 6/7 via Downtown/Coop USA/Island. It’s possible that this is Tom on Twitter.

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