New Videohippos – “Neo York”

Baltimore (or “BALT,” in W.K. parlance) BTW Videohippos generally trade in hypercolor, hyperbeat bursts that tend toward more morose territory than their Wham City brethren (no downers in Deacon land, etc.). And on this Unbeast The Leash b-side, the Hippos are very much in that same space albeit with a dialed down bpm, bringing those filtered vox to a steady, eq-compressed swing. Pack up the kids:

Videohippos – “Neo York” (MP3)

Unbeast The Leash is out now via Monitor on CD, via Wildfire Wildfire on vinyl. Bummed there weren’t any CMJ dates, doubly bummed they’re no longer on the Dan Deacon Halloween bill. But the Hippos have a slew of southern dates coming up, so take the jump for the stops on “The Thoughtful Tour.”

[Photo by Null Sleep]

10-22 – Charlottesville, VA @ Tea Bazaar w/ Truman Sparks
10-23 – Charlotte, NC @ Yauhaus w/ Black Congo NC
10-24 – Columbia, SC @ The 112
10-25 – Savannah, GA @ Sentient Bean w/ HEALTH
10-26 – Jacksonville, FL @ Club TSI w/ Airport Factory
10-27 – Sarasota, FL @ New College w/ Tyger Beat
10-28 – Miami, FL @ go to for location
10-29 – Tampa, FL @ Transitions Art Gallery w/ Monotonix
10-31 – New Orleans (Halloween Party)
11-01 – Hattiesburg, MS @ Thirsty Hippo
11-02 – Pensacola, FL @ Sluggo’s
11-03 – Atlanta, GA @ 11:11 Tea House
11-04 – Athens, GA @ Secret Squirrel w/ Old Time Relijun
11-06 – Asheville, NC @ New French Bar w/ Ear Pwr
11-07 – Blacksburg, VA @ XYZ Gallery w/ Sad Cobras, Mommies
11-08 – Greensboro NC @ Two Art Chicks
11-09 – Greenville NC @ Turducken House w/ Hot Lava
11-10 – Williamsburg VA @ Meridian Coffee House w/ Hot Lava
11-15 – Baltimore, MD @ Floris Tree w/ Parts and Labor, Trencher
11-16 – Philadelphia, PA @ Danger Danger House w/ Parts and Labor, Trencher, DD/MM/YYYY

The pensive tour flyer:

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