New !!! Video – “Yadnus”

John Pugh is dead to Chk Chk Chk. How dead? Here, he’s singing roadkill. As confirmed by Nic Offer at Lolla, dance-punk octet !!! had been pared to a lean and mean dance-punk septet when other lanky vocalist/drummer Pugh left to focus on Free Blood, but that day’s guest vocalist Shannon Funchess has since been confirmed as the official eighth tentacle of this libidinous octopus (at least according to MySpace). This and that said, Shannon doesn’t factor into the long-awaited clip for a track we first heard back in February; but Pugh does. In a VW bug definitely-not-built-for-eight, a quarter of the crew take a triplet-infused ride through some funked-up farmlands, and Pugh’s lead vocal is mouthed by some bygone roadkill. Sure there’s a gaggle of dancing chick chick chicks … but the focus for us is that dead singer. Moral of the story: Don’t hitchhike a ride from Herbie. And definitely don’t drop out of !!!!

Recreate the maChk…

!!! – “Yadnus” (MP3)

Myth Takes is out via Warp.