New Menomena – “Weird (Dekoder Remix)”

Last we saw Menomena, they were dropping flowers into the ol’ nectar factory for the trippy IMAX-on-crack “Evil Bee” video. Now you can head over to the Portland trio’s MySpace to hear the boys break out of 4/4 for a cut ‘n’ paste remix of Friend And Foe standout “Weird” by Dekoker. Too lazy for two clicks? Then this one’s for you…

Menomena – “Weird (Dekoder Remix)” (MP3)

The revved and ripped dance update reminds us of the Rapture of summers past. More bygone days? To better comprehend the transformation, take the jump for a rockin’ live version of the original, which was shot as part of the Juan’s Basement set from a few months back. Anything to help you situate yourself.

Horn-y, eh?

Friend And Foe is out via Barsuk.

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