Remixtape Vol. 3

This month’s Remixtape begins with a wistful twist (Clams Casino, a Gold Panda redo of Lykke Li, Phone Tag tagging up Small Black’s “New Chain,” Creep working on Planning To Rock) and ends on a pop note (that Star Slinger remix of Alex Winston), with the middle dedicated to stranger and more beat-oriented musics.

As for meta-trends: Appearing twice are Laurel Halo (via Physical Therapy’s take on her “Supersymmetry” and her spin of Sleep ? Over’s “Casual Diamond”) and Pictureplane (on Becoming Real’s “Closer” and with Brenmar’s take on his “Goth Star”). Also appearing twice is the track “Closer” by Becoming Real, via Pictureplane’s aforementioned 2-step redressing and Stalker’s murkier redo. Kingdom is here (as he tends to be), with his take on Win Win’s “Interleave,” a song that’s received prior Remixtape consideration thanks to XXXChange.

You’ll also find a new remix from SALEM, a take on Julianna Barwick. Dig in:

Remixtape: Vol. 3 (.zip, 116.2MB)

01 XV – “Swervin (Clams Casino Remix)”
02 Lykke Li – “Sadness Is A Blessing (Gold Panda Remix)”
03 Small Black – “New Chain (Phone Tag Remix)”
04 PLANNING TO ROCK – “Doorway (Creep Remix)”
05 WIN WIN – “Interleave (Kingdom Remix)”
06 Pictureplane – “Goth Star (Brenmar Remix)”
07 Laurel Halo – “Supersymmetry (Physical Therapy 3-Step)”
08 Becoming Real – “Closer (Pictureplane’s No Body Remix)”
09 Becoming Real – “Closer (Stalker Remix)”
10 Charli XCX – “Stay Away (SALEM’s Angel Remix)”
11 Sleep ? Over – “Casual Diamond (Laurel Halo Remix)”
12 Julianna Barwick – “Prizewinning (Alias Pail Remix)”
13 Alex Winston – “Sister Wife (Star Slinger Remix)”

Don’t forget Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.