Flavor Of Dumb

The Inc. head Irv Gotti’s on his way to reality television with “Gotti’s Way.” Yessir, the man who launched Ja Rule, Ashanti, and DMX and then dealt with those nasty laundering charges is about to let us into his house to look at his dirty clothes, his attempt to make a comeback, and his relationship with estranged wife Deb, who he loves like a pal but can’t stop cheating on. Sounds familiar and boring, but Gotti assures us the shit will ja rule. Via Yahoo News:

Anyone who goes on VH1, you could very well have a hit show, but you are corny. You are washed up. With my show, they are directly trying to remove that stigma.

Well, we gotti believe ya. What’s weirder than thinking anyone cares about that show, though, is that it’s the first we’ve heard doing Reality Television isn’t inherently corny, only if you do it for VH1. Then, just like that, a second…


Seems like even Tommy Lee — ex-star of Tommy Lee Goes To College and Rock Star: Supernova — is offended by VH1. Or at least VH1’s Rock of Love. Via Metal Underground:

Just to stop the rumors… I AM NOT nor would I ever do a stupid show like the ‘Rock of Love’!! … Just to stop the rumors… I AM NOT nor would I ever do a stupid show like the ‘Rock of Love’!!

Hate to be the bringer of bad news, Tommy, but your back-to-school show’s syndicated on VH1 … well, okay, not like he made that decision, but the point is: They’re both nitwits. (We’ve gone this far without doing it, but need to make a “Gotti Lee” pun. There, feels better.)

Anyhow, maybe they’re onto something: Looks like poor Bret Michaels, star of the Flavor Of Love-style Rock Of Love, was dumped by Jes Rickleff less than a month after the September 30th finale. Depressing. Maybe he should’ve given his ladies stupid nicknames.