the morning benders – “Oh Annie”

It’s not the first time the morning benders have sang for an Ann, though this is not the same one they damned five years ago. “Oh Annie” is a newly unveiled b-side to the band’s Big Echo sessions, with lead morning bender @ChrisChu tweeting “My only regret with Big Echo is that this wasn’t on it. I wrote it after watching Annie hall for the 100th time.” Which is the proper number of times to have watched Annie Hall, and which also gives some sweet rendering to the lovely, loping waltz-time lament’s hook: “Annie oh Annie, how can you go? / I taught you everything you know, you know.” (Chances are she left for someone who handles their drugs a little better, though that’s just statistically speaking.) Hear, here:

Oh Annie by The Morning Benders

Big Echo is out via Rough Trade.