Sufjan Previews The BQE

Rock may be dead, but classical music will live forever (just ask Bach). We posted recently about Sufjan Stevens’s new orchestral suite for 38 musicians (and one 16-mm film), The BQE, which opens next week (11/1) at the Brooklyn Academy Of Music’s Next Wave festival. The three performances are already sold out, but you can hear portions of the work over the weekend on David Garland’s excellent WNYC radio show, “Spinning On Air.” So pour yourself a Brandy and put on your smoking jacket and take a listen to Suf and his strings this Sunday (10/28) from 7:00-8:00 EST at 93.9 FM if you’re in range or on-line if you aren’t. If you can’t wait, check out this clip below from a practice run Garland recorded. Love the red milk crate hogging the spotlight.

Via P4K:

Yes, that’s Suf on piano. The sound’s a bit hissy and sharp, but you get the flourishing idea … after this tiny tidbit of the road ahead, we’re really interested to see where The BQE goes next. (By the way, a couple few months ago Family Vineyard released Garland’s Noise In You, on which Mr. Stevens guests vocally and instrumentally on a few tracks … check it out if you haven’t).