New Matthew Sweet – “Wild”

There was that moment when Athens, GA-via-Lincoln, NE pop-rock man/Stipe-compatriot Matthew Sweet was everywhere. That moment, specifically, was ’91, when “Girlfriend” was everywhere. “Sick Of Myself” came and went a few years later, but we’ve been pretty low on Sweet since. But Matt’s back with a great track on the behest of Devon Reed, the writer, producer, and soundtrack composer of the forthcoming film The Bigtop. Yeah, so that means Devon wrote all the songs (including this one). But turns out, he’s a pretty good songwriter; that bodes well for the film, right? Or no correlation? Well, this much at least does: Devon claims to have approached musicians based on their talents, and how those fit his songs’ style. And he’s got good taste, too (the soundtrack includes Built To Spiller Doug Martsch, the Clientele, Lisa Germano, etc.). But it’s the Sweet track we’re on — and its jangle ‘n’ electric definitely suits his strengths, and it’s definitely a Sweet track.

Matthew Sweet – “Wild” (MP3)

About the film? Here’s the pitch:

The film, releasing in early 2008, centers on the life of Vincent O’Malley, a young man who runs away with the circus only to become consumed by his desire for power and the love of a woman. Forming a musical trajectory, the soundtrack reflects the arc of the film by introducing free-spirited melodies portraying Vincent’s youthful days on the prairie and later transitioning to the darker songs reflecting the obsessive mania of his later years.

Obsessive mania is always awesome. Songs From the Bigtop is out now on iTunes in stores on 2/5/08. Check the full:

01 Lisa Germano – “Magic”
02 The Clientele – “Your Song”
03 Michael Leviton – “I Only Want the Sky”
04 Damien Jurado – “Ashes”
05 Matthew Sweet – “Wild”
06 Tullycraft – “The Girl Who’s Above Us”
07 Howe Gelb – “Falling In Love”
08 The Owls – “I Just Can’t Keep Up”
09 Communique – “Way To Walk”
10 Marbles – “Something, Nothing, Everything”
11 Eleventh Dream Day – “Planning My Escape”
12 Doug Martsch – “Cracked And Crazed”
13 The Sprites – “Patience”