Stream Prurient “Many Jewels Surround The Crown” 7″

Before Dominick Fernow joined Cold Cave, he’d already built a longstanding name for himself in underground noise as Hospital. Sure, Cold Cave recently put out Cherish The Light Years, their glossiest, biggest sounding (and most satisfying) album to date, and Fernow hopped to Hydra Head after issuing releases on dozens over other labels, but Prurient is still Prurient. His gorgeously ear-injuring “Many Jewels Surround The Crown (The District)” b/w “Many Jewels Surround The Crown (Instrumental)” 7″ arrived on Record Store Day in a vinyl (some greenish clear, some black) edition of 500. If you missed out, or don’t do vinyl, you can stream the entire thing below. Both songs are early versions Dominick Fernow’s highly anticipated Hydra Head debut Bermuda Drain, the 10,000th Prurient LP overall. The B-Side was recorded as collaboration with CC cohort Wes Eisold. Both pickup on that icy, trance-like, weirdly melodic strain Fernow introduced (and mastered) via the last couple tracks on 2006’s Pleasure Ground then And Still, Wanting, etc. Dive in:

Prurient – “Many Jewels Surround The Crown (The District)”
Prurient – “Many Jewels Surround The Crown (Instrumental)”

The “Many Jewels Surround The Crown” 7″ is out now via Hydra Head. You can start purchasing a download tomorrow, 4/26, via iTunes. Bermuda Drain is out in July, also via Hydra Head.