Flaming Lips Alley

New York boasts Joey Ramone Place, but out in Oklahoma City the Flaming Lips just landed themselves their own goddamn alley, fittingly located in the city’s entertainment district. The suitably flamboyant and Flames-y dedication ceremony took place this morning at 11:30 CST. Via Fox 25:

With a giant, three-dimensional globe as a backdrop and flanked by fans outfitted in Santa suits and green alien masks, The Flaming Lips front man Wayne Coyne thanked city leaders for the honor … Coyne says it’s appropriate that the band be honored with an alley as opposed to a street or major thoroughfare.

He thinks it’s more a secret discovery that way. In case you’re in the area, that same article mentions that the alley’s “located off Mickey Mantle Drive, just north of the Bricktown Ballpark.”

To get a better sense of the festivities (as well the Flaming Lips’ Halloween parade), take a look at this footage of Coyne hamming it up on the local Oklahoma City morning news. It’s long, but trust us: Persevere through the mispronunciation of “live” and the seemingly endless weather segment, despite the dude’s ill-fitting suit and overly self-conscious mannerisms … You’ll be rewarded if you do.

Not bad, Wayne, not bad at all. While we’re in celebration mode, please also keep in mind that Zaireeka’s 10th birthday is coming up on 10/28. Is anyone throwing a Zaireeka party? Grab those extra CD players out of the closet and let the countdown begin…

Everybody synced?