Jon Stewart, Jimmy Kimmel Still Mining R. Kelly’s Closet For Laughs

Expect to see a lot of R. Kelly’s this Hallow’s Eve? Or maybe you think the Trapped In The Closet fun’s all played out? Oh, shit. (See, that never gets old.) Lest you think the parodies have run their course, Jimmy and Jon revived the franchise this week with fresh new takes on R.’s hip hopera/cultural phenomenon. Kimmel’s a self-professed mega-fan of the saga and has been running his spoofs since July of ’05, based on Jimmy’s dramatic attempt to enjoy a slice of pizza before a show taping. Mike Tyson, Sarah Silverman, Alanis Morissette, and Regis & Kelly have all made an appearances, and on Tuesday night J.’s series came back complete with a white-tux’d omniscient narrator. Part 7:

Also The Daily Show piled onto the R. parody this week with the second installment of Jon’s take on Trapped. The first was Trapped In The Men’s Room, detailing the plight of men’s bathroom expert Sen. Larry Craig. Second verse, same as the first:

But with a different R. Kelly impersonator:

And check out homepage: They’re featuring all the music stuff ’cause they want us to link to them? Cute!