New Shins – “The Rifle’s Spiral” (Live In Oakland)

This is the second of that pair of new songs that the Shins are performing with their revamped lineup these days. The first was “Double Bubble,” which Mercer described to us as a new wave sort of thing; together he says “they’re just a bit more rhythmic and “about the percussion” than the Shins previous incarnation. That said, “The Rifle’s Spiral” doesn’t sound very different from Shins past, just with chords being jabbed instead of strummed. Anyway you don’t have to feel too badly if you prefer these Joe Plummer’s beats to Jesse Sandoval’s, because Jesse now is the proud proprietor of a taco cart and didn’t need the Shins, anyway.

Tthe Shins are looking at 2010 for a new album on Mercer’s new label Aural Apothacary. James has a track on the Dangermouse/Sparkle Horse/David Lynchy project Dark Night Of The Soul, and makes his acting debut in Matt McCormick’s Some Days Are Better Than Others, due out sometime in 2010.

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