Ganglians – “Jungle”

Onetime mysterious, psychedelic Sacramento outsiders Ganglians stepped out of the shadows with a couple Woodsist albums in 2009. Then, last May, we heard an early version of “My House,” a song from their then in-progress Robby Moncrieff-produced double LP Still Living. The completed album’s due in August. Here’s another taste via “Jungle.”

Ganglians – “Jungle”

Still Living:

01 “Drop The Act”
02 “That’s What I Want”
03 “Evil Weave”
04 “Sleep”
05 “Jungle”
06 “Bradley”
07 “Things To Know”
08 “Good Times”
09 “The Toad”
10 “California Cousins”
11 “Faster”
12 “My House”

Still Living is out 8/23 in the States via Lefse.

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