New Classixx (Feat. Jeppe) Video – “I’ll Get You”

Kitsuné, the French fashion label with a love for mixes and compilations, have teamed up with the Cobrasnake, the LA party photographer with a penchant for hipster trash scene portraits and hoisting dead-eyed tarts into the realm of the internet celebrity, for a two-track EP. Yay! It’s called Kitsuné x The Cobrasnake duh. This might not sound appealing, but know this isn’t a musical vanity project for Cobrasnake so much as it is just a brand-extender for Cobrasnake: he’s not credited with the music, he’s making the videos I think? He made this one anyway, filming a bikini girl running around on the beach to a pretty fun dance. The vid’s a couple of steps above Heidi Montag’s beach atrocity, so that is good news, and the song is actually pretty fun: it’s by Classixx (who were last seen making “Listzomania” even more of an ’80s jam, if you can imagine such a thing) and features Jeppe (who was last seen being himself in the wake of Junior Senior’s demise). It’s LA club fluff, but summery good times club fluff at that.

This track comes from the two-song Kitsuné x The Cobrasnake EP, out 6/1. The other track is called “Wake Up” by Acid Girls and featuring Frankmusic.

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