Holy Ghost! – “Wait & See” Video

Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser’s simple, catchy “Wait & See” comes from the NYC duo’s self-titled DFA full-length. The Ben Fries-directed video for the track features their fathers playing Holy Ghost!. As Frankel explains:

For a long time Nick and I joked that our dads should take our press photos. At some point our go-to director, Ben Fries, came up with the idea of actually making a video with them playing us and “Wait and See” seemed like the perfect song to do it for. At first both Dads were a little apprehensive — and rightfully so: My dad was appalled at the sizing options at American Apparel. But when we explained that the joke wasn’t on them — that it was actually kind of making fun of us getting older and still living like teenagers — they were game. For the record, they agree: We need to grow up.”



Holy Ghost! – “Wait & See”

Holy Ghost! is out via DFA.