The Red Sox’s Good Luck Charm: Celtic Punk

Although it may seem that all we nourish ourselves with is music and pop culture … well, no, that’s about right. But hey sometimes artists help us with the tunnel vision and bring the national pasttime into focus, like when the the Hold Steady sang “Take Me Out To The Ballgame,” or when the Smithereens’ Pat Dinizio teamed up with Joan Jett and motherfucking Bob Uecker, and of course when we found out that Dylan knows baseball (he loves Cadillacs, too; bet he likes apple pie).

And it turns out music’s played a pretty big role in the Red Sox’ postseason run this year, thanks to Massachusetts band Dropkick Murphys. Dial it back to ’04, when Boston was looking to beat the Curse of the Bambino. During that series, the working-class Quincy, MA band and longtime Sox fans did a cover of “Tessie,” a Broadway tune from when the Sox won the series in 1918, hoping to somehow conjure the olden-day mojo. It worked, the Sox won it all, so dudes were called back to play at Fenway before a Red Sox game for the sixth time last Sunday. The Sox won each of the previous five times the Dropkick Murphys played and, obviously, they beat the Indians last Sunday, thrusting ‘em into the World Series yet again. The power of music. If you haven’t seen the Murphys’ performance last weekend — it’s pretty rousing. Off-key crowd participation after the jump.

Besides “Tessie” they also belted a rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” and “I’m Shipping Up to Boston.” Here’s some behind-the-scene and “Shipping” footage.

Via MTV:

Since we’re on this entire sports kick, might as well mention these new punk rock bubblegum cards. According to the maker, “backs will have a fave song lyric instead of stats. Teams and stuff like that is purely dictated by what I found searching vs. head size…” We like the Neil Young, especially — though, yes, it’s a hockey thing. Check it…

Like we said, we don’t pretend to be experts, so we asked our friend Darren: What does he think the value of this particular card would be? And just how fucked are the Rockies?

I know that Neil Young card is old, but that crease across the middle is brutal. The lower right hand corner looks like someone thought the thing was a sticker. Plus, it’s hockey, which means you have to multiply whatever value you think it has by 0.

And the Rockies are not good until tomorrow night when they come back to life in the Rocky Mountain air. Red Sox in 6.

You heard it here first: Red Sox in 6. (You can let us know how likely that is.) Can’t wait to see Papelbon’s post-game victory jig! But hey, we’re not playing favorites: The Sox might have the Dropkick Murphys and Papelbon’s fancy feet, but they don’t have the “Joba Rules.” What?