New Blood On The Wall – “Hibernation”

Remember way back in ’89 when Sonic Youth and Mudhoney put out that Sub Pop 7″ where each band covered the other crew’s song? SY took on the super-fuzzed, classic snarler “Touch Me, I’m Sick” with Kim on vocals while Mark Arm & Co. tackled Bad Moon Rising’s “Halloween.” To these ears, the excellent, severely underrated Brooklyn trio Blood On The Wall have always sounded a lot like both sides of that record playing at once. Two years after releasing the awesome Awesomer, bro ‘n’ sis Brad and Courtney Shanks and drummer Miggy Littleton are back with a vengeance on Liferz, a blast of growling, teenage angst and barroom fun that would’ve fit well on SST (or, yes, early Sub Pop), but makes just as much sense now. To ease into things, put on your ear plugs and check out the album’s roaring opener “Hibernation,” which arrives just in time to shake us out of our pre-winter haze.

Blood On The Wall – “Hibernation” (MP3)

Seriously, how great was that? Rock’s not dead.

Liferz is out 1/22 on the The Social Registry.